About Us

Together we travel on a journey of endless discovery and adventure, inspiring each other!

Our Story

We are adventurous friends who yearned to discover the world around us. We loved to travel and explore in our beautiful Egypt, but we did not find the services and prices we were looking for in travel agencies. It became clear to us that we had an opportunity to achieve our dream ourselves.

We decided to establish Triple M Tourism Company, so that we can use our passion to help others discover their true selves through travel. We are not just a tourism company aiming for profit, our goal is to inspire and change the lives of travelers through rich and meaningful travel experiences.

We started Triple M as a small seed in our minds and turned it into a reality through perseverance and determination. The beginning was difficult, but we always believed in ourselves and in our vision. And today Triple M has become one of the best tourism companies in Egypt, because we never stopped dreaming and never abandoned the spirit of adventure that our customers long for.

Together we travel on a journey of endless discovery and adventure, inspiring each other!

Our Vision

Triple M aspires to establish itself as the best and most inspiring tourism company in Egypt. We seek to spread knowledge of the natural beauty of Egypt and its rich culture among the local and international community. We see Triple M as a destination for adventurers looking for new places that allow them to discover themselves, and travel experiences that change their lives. We look forward to the day when Egypt becomes the top tourist destination in the Middle East thanks to Triple M's efforts to showcase its beauty to the world.

Our mission

The mission of Triple M is to inspire travelers and enrich their lives with unique travel experiences, through innovative tourism trips that combine adventure and relaxation. We work to create an atmosphere that brings travelers together under the common umbrella of a love for exploration and adventure. We facilitate tourism trips that take our clients to the most beautiful places in Egypt and immerse them in our local culture rich in authenticity. We invent to bring joy and excitement to our travelers' lives.

Our Values

  • Customer focus: We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and providing them with the best tourism experience.
  • Innovation: We adopt innovation in designing our trips and tourism products to provide the best unique offers.
  • Efficiency: We strive to achieve the highest quality standards and professionalism in our services at the lowest costs.
  • Teamwork: We encourage teamwork and a team spirit to achieve our vision and goals.
  • Responsibility: We commit to our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, community and environment.


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